TWINS 35th Anniversary

A celebration of difference

TWINS 35th Anniversary

In 1988, we challenged the idea that shoes should be identical, designing a mismatched pair with asymmetric details — and our iconic TWINS was born.

Season after season, we revisit this concept through new typologies, treatments, and materials that continue to play with mismatched design.

Opposite Yet Complementary
Compatible Yet Inseparable

Thirty-five years on, TWINS is celebrating a lifetime of being different.

In honor of TWINS’ 35th anniversary, Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Nat Marcus composed a poem exploring his take on ‘twins’. The persona initially questions the confusing concept of identity in a vast sea of difference before examining multiple identities, the fluidity of “shaping shifts”, and the importance of connecting with parts of ourselves and others, symbolized by the hopeful image of the “long-lost twin”. As the pronoun shifts from the singular “I” to the collective “we” in the third stanza, the poet drives home the positive message that although our identities are diverse and in constant flux, anyone could be our momentary “Twin”.

TWINS poem by Nat Marcus

Which one?
Which way
would the boat I’m in be floating
in difference, the step I’m dancing
find its many feet?
Was I ever not shaping shifts?
Rerouting from seen limits
to new deltas, a near-double
of my shadow’s
long-lost twin, just like yours.

Was the wild variety
we harbor as kin ever
less than a hymn
to difference? A
drip on the hull
in which flux still stows life,
my Twin?

Don’t insist.
We still don’t
— and will never —
sell them