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Camper x Piovenefabi

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Can Camper

Our latest Together store was designed in collaboration with Piovenefabi, a Milan and Brussels-based architecture studio founded by Ambra Fabi and Giovanni Piovene.

Can Camper

Taking inspiration from the 18th-century stairway that bridges Trinità dei Monti with the Barcaccia fountain, the duo envisioned the store’s interior as a complementary addition to this specific fragment of Rome. The meandering curves of the winding staircase and the elliptical shape of the fountain are reflected in the space that Piovenefabi refers to as “the Camper Oval”.

“We like to imagine our Camper Oval as a natural contribution to the 1725 staircase project.”

Referencing the maps of Rome drawn by Giambattista Nolli, Piovenefabi considers “the Camper Oval” a shared space and “a natural extension of the public realm”. The wooden structure that encircles the store’s interior plays with this concept, wrapping around onlookers.

Can Camper
Can Camper

"For the pattern on the Camper Oval, we looked at the pool murals of Hockney as a first source of inspiration."

Inside, the latest Camper and CAMPERLAB collections are displayed on pink shelves hand-painted with a wave motif.

Additional elements include a custom-built tubular bench, spherical stools, and a Camper red Metro Lamp designed by Piovenefabi for MANIERA gallery, a nod to the handrails of the Milan Metro.

Camper Piazza di Spagna
Piazza di Spagna, 28
00187 Rome

Can Camper

Camper Together

Camper Together is a model of collaboration in which Camper partners with leading international designers and brands from the worlds of art, fashion, industrial design, and architecture to create singular products and stores. Since its inception in 2006, the project has pushed to develop original concepts that fuse an artist’s signature style with Camper’s unique DNA, allowing each collaboration to acquire its own creative identity.


Piovenefabi is an architecture studio founded by Ambra Fabi and Giovanni Piovene, based in Milan and Brussels. The studio produces architecture, urban research, territorial visions, and public design works regardless of the size, commission, or client. When dealing with a shared context and its almost infinite interpretations, Piovenefabi believes spaces and objects can act as supports for both personal and collective experiences.
Works have been exhibited in venues including Mayrit Bienal (2021), Lisbon Architecture Triennial (2019, 2016), Rotterdam Biennial (2014), Chicago Architecture Biennial (2015, 2017), Campo (2016), FRAC - Orléans (2017), and MANIERA - Brussels (2018). The studio’s project 5 Pavilions for 5 Parks won the Award in 2018, and was shortlisted for the Medaglia d'Oro all'Architettura Italiana 2018 and the Brussels Architecture Prize 2021.

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