Made with MIRUM®

All natural, zero plastics

Made with MIRUM®

From our home on the island of Mallorca, we witness the detrimental effects that plastic pollution has on our seas, marine life, and ecosystems. By seeking out plastic-free materials, we aim to shrink our reliance on unsustainable synthetics as we continue on our journey toward evermore responsible collections.

Meet MIRUM®, a unique blend of all-natural components with zero synthetics featuring in our Runner K21 and Brutus this season.

This plant-based material with no plastics or synthetic fibers was developed by Natural Fiber Welding, based on the logic that renewable plant sources grow abundantly on earth.

Made from all-natural ingredients like coconut husk, rice hull, rubber, and cork, MIRUM® is sustainable and circular, easily recycled at the end of its life.