Road Movie

A collaborative project with Goldsmiths,

University of London

A collaborative project with Goldsmiths, University of London

Road Movie

‘Road Movie’ is a new project between Camper and the MA Design Expanded Practice program at Goldsmiths, University of London. For the project, students were asked to explore and engage with Camper’s idea of The Walking Society through the discovery and exploration of the city.

In road movies, travelling is used as a narrative device that allows the writer or director to piece together a story through a series of chance encounters which obstruct the protagonists’ progress of getting from A to B. The traveller therefore can never be just an observant, a passer-by, or a flaneur. Their very existence sets off the series of combustions that create the story itself.

A designer’s approach to the production of a road movie must be different than that of a filmmaker. The project began with each student designing a vehicle or device that would enable exploration and engagement with unknown people in an unknown city in the middle of a pandemic. These devices provided the material means to activate and document the search, but also became central to the plot itself.

During the actual ‘road movie’ that this project became, a curiosity, a hunger for discovery, and a longing for human contact drove the students to discover the city. Throughout the process, participants discovered parallel digital worlds, challenged ideas of reality, created myths, questioned existence, sought friendship, found cultural connections, danced, and even attempted to fly.

For this special collaborative project, we have selected five of these movies for public screening at our Covent Garden shop in London, coinciding with the London Design Festival 2021. The full collection of projects can be found online and will also be screened at the Swiss Church, Goldsmiths University, London.

MA Design Expanded Practice,
Goldsmiths, University of London.

Roberto Feo
Annelore Schneider
Rosario Hurtado

Namrata Chandra, Muting Chen, Linyuan Dong, Sijie He, Wenhui Fan, Ben Jeffries, Sara Khorsandi, Hai Li, Junheng Li, Yang Li, Yanran Qian, Qinyu Miao, Yihan Niu, Hongyu Pan, Jiwon Son, Ko-Chien Tan, Cuixian Yin, Hyein Yoo, Yingwen Wang, JingHan Wang, XiXi Xie, Xiaolin Yang, Shiqi Zhang, Aaron Zhao, Yu Zhou, Xiao Zhu